Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sam and His Habit

Welcome, Author and Guest Blogger, Sam Hilliard! We're thrilled to have you at Rex Robot Reviews. Sam is the brilliant writer behind The Last Track.

 A Hard Habit to Break
I’m always looking to feed my habit. My movie habit that is. Between the local cineplex, Blockbuster and Redbox, I ingest a lot of flicks each year—probably too many for my health. What follows is a breakdown of a handful of movies released in the last twelve months that few people saw, but merit a second (or third) viewing.

Away We Go – Maya Rudolph and John Krasinki are about to have a baby, and the only family nearby is moving to Denmark. It’s a road trip not about leaving home for a great adventure, but about the great adventure that awaits in finding a home.
Boondocks Saints 2: All Saints Day – our favorite Irish brothers are back in Boston after years in hiding, to avenge the death of a parish priest murdered in an attempt to frame them. Actually a lot of people saw this movie at home, as the DVD sales were twice the theater receipts, but I’d like to see that trend continue.

Worlds Greatest Dad – Bobcat Goldthwait directing Robin Williams? Yeah it’s funny, but oh so very dark. It may be as dark and acerbic as Heathers, but oddly even more rewarding. WARNING: may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Defendor – a superhero spoof to end all spoofs. This hero wages a war to protect the weak and helpless. Quirky and funny, and Woody Harrelson could really use a paycheck, so help him out by renting or buying this one.

Messengers – possibly the hardest job in the world, these military officers must inform the next of kin about the death of their loved one. Bonus features include a behind the scenes look at the actual process, including interviews with the officers who contact the next of kin, and one family who was on the other side of the door when the knock came.

Oh and when you finish viewing these flicks, help me feed my habit—pick up a copy of The Last Track. My cats and my publisher will both thank you!
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