Friday, July 9, 2010

From a Reviewer's Desk - "Pick this one up, you won't regret it!"

Synopsis from Goodreads: Imagine if being late meant a child disappeared forever. That is the fear that drives Mike Brody: the man you want, when the one you love is missing.
Mike is more than just a master tracker. An ex-Special Forces operative, Smoke jumper, and now extreme adventure tour guide, he also possesses a unique ability to tap into the memory and emotional state of those he pursues.
In The Last Track, a police detective recruits Mike to help find an asthmatic boy lost in the dense woods surrounding a dude ranch in Montana. An unwitting murder witness, the boy burrows ever deeper into the rugged terrain, fearful of being found. As Mike and a local officer search for the boy, the killer follows them. While the investigation expands, his ex-wife, a well-connected journalist, uses her contacts to unravel the truth behind the murder.
Her discoveries threaten to snare them all in a treacherous conspiracy . . .

My thoughts:   I selected this book because I hadn't read anything truly described as suspenseful in quite some time.   Once I read the synopsis I immediately knew this one held promise.  My first clue that I was  really going to enjoy this book came from a note from Sam that was included.  His wit and candor was amusing and the tone of the note felt like it was coming from a friend.

The story is pretty fast paced with much of the story taking place over a four day period.  The characters were believable.  Mike Brody has excellent tracking skills with a little bit of super human kicked in for good measure.  His ex, Jessica is completely likable and I found myself wondering why they were divorced.  With some novels you've already figured out the "whodunit" before they really get into the story.  Not this one,  I found that there were some great twists and turns in the plot.  Just when I thought I had it figured out, something new was revealed and I was left wondering if I was right. 

I understand that The Last Track is the first in a series.  I am eagerly anticipating the next installment, hopefully I won't have to wait too long.  I would recommend The Last Track to anyone who has some time to spare because you aren't going to want to put it down!  Seriously, if you enjoy crime solving novels or movies pick this one up, you aren't going to regret it.  
For an example of Sam's wit check out his guest post if you haven't already.

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