Monday, April 28, 2014

Sneak Peek - Message from a Blue Jay - Faye Rapoport DesPres

Just seventeen days and counting until publication and things are ramping up!
First box off the truck!

The books arrived in our offices this morning and they look great. There's a certain excitement to opening that first box. It's almost as if you're getting a sneak peek backstage at the dress rehearsal of a Broadway show!
You get a chance to "Ooo" and "Ahh" the costumes (covers); hear the orchestra tuning their instruments (advance reviews); and watch the players take their places and run through their lines (read advance snippets from stories).
And so, without further ado, we offer you several short excerpts from Faye's soon-to-be-released, debut book: Message from a Blue Jay - Love, Loss, and One writer's Journey Home.

From “Walden, Revisited”

 [ . . . ] I am beginning to understand why I came here today. I needed to escape the cluttered struggles of everyday life, the battles born of a false sense of consequence. I spend so much time waving a sword in the air; I am exhausted, and want to lay my weapon down. Like Don Quixote, I have been tilting at windmills.

From “Forty-Six”

 Some people say fairy tales are deceptive and question whether such stories should be told to the kind of little girl I was; girls who are not likely to grow up and meet handsome princes. I am divided on the issue. I do think fairy tales are deceptive. As far as I can tell after forty-six years, there are no bluebirds tying bows on ball gowns or chariots arriving to whisk me off into the magical night. True, there are wicked witches, but no prince’s kiss has ever woken me from my sleep. Usually the alarm clock does. My sense is that there is happiness to be found, but it is not “ever after”—it comes in starts and stops or at unexpected moments that do not necessarily have anything to do with love. Let me reverse that. Happiness always has to do with love—but not just romantic love. Sometimes love is feeding a cat. Sometimes it’s singing Abba songs with a friend in a car in Wyoming. Sometimes love just happens in an instant, when you see something beautiful. Romantic love is more about willingness than wedding bells and destiny. Or maybe it is willingness and destiny, or destiny is what we choose to believe it is because we’re afraid to believe that life is all about luck.

From "Let Go"

I hang both arms over the metal barrier in front of me and hold on tight. A man dancing behind me bumps into my back and pushes me forward against the barrier. I can’t feel annoyed. The man’s hair is pure white, his face is red with drink, and his smile radiates happiness. He is excited and having a good time. A woman standing next to him grabs the barrier with her hand and tries to pull her body closer to the stage. But if I give even an inch I will lose my place in the front row, and for once in my life I am not stepping aside.

We hope you enjoyed this short look inside the pages. Want more? There's still time to be among the first to own a copy of this stunning book!  CLICK HERE

Excerpts from Message from a Blue Jay © 2014 Faye Rapoport DesPres

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