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Can Wisdom be Found in a Big Red Suitcase?


April 14, 2014
Author on way to Tiger's Nest Monastery

Can Wisdom be Found in a Big Red Suitcase?
Buddhapuss Ink LLC Signs Book That Could be Called: Eat, Pray, Pack

Can the trip of a lifetime, planned with an eye to perfection, wind up making you seriously question your whole life? Can a suitcase as big as its owner, and stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink, become one’s greatest teacher? 

Those questions, and more, will be answered in the latest book signed by Buddhapuss Ink LLC, Wisdom of the Big Red Suitcase: Finding What Matters in a World of Stuff. As the author, Ellie Dias, puts it: "Nearly every step of my journey was fraught with challenges, disasters and detours." Dias traveled solo to the towns and farmlands of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and into the Nepalese jungle, dragging a humongous, red suitcase behind her all the way, turning her “trip of a lifetime” into an ongoing test of patience, determination, and fortitude—and most importantly—learning to let go.

"Mid-life I discovered my passion for Buddhism, and began my spiritual practice. It wasn't long before I developed an intense curiosity about the traditional cultures of Asia. I wanted to see firsthand just how the people in the “Lands of Happiness” fare. Are they truly at peace, totally content in their various lives, regardless of their station in life or level of prosperity? An obsessive-compulsive perfectionist, I began the adventure with over-the-top preparations. I wouldn't leave a single thing to chance, lugging with me everything (and more) I thought I'd need just to get through the day, halfway round the world, fashion foremost. Enter the Big Red Suitcase, weighing in at 95 pounds and stuffed to capacity with what I was sure a Western woman bound for the farmlands and jungles of the Himalayas must have."

Buddhapuss Ink will release Wisdom of the Big Red Suitcase on their Fall/Winter list of 2015. “Readers who enjoyed Eat Pray, Love, by Elizabeth Gilbert, or Kristine Stevens', If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It Isn't Big Enough, will find a new favorite in Big Red," said MaryChris Bradley, Publisher. “The manuscript was an immediate hit in-house, especially among those of us who have experienced the pitfalls of well-laid travel plans."

Dias has been a dedicated practitioner of meditation, contemplation, and yoga, for over thirteen years. A professor of Human Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, she has merged her understanding of the human body, with the daily practice of meditation, incorporating it in a classroom setting. She started a local women’s spirit group focusing on Buddhist philosophy and thought, and has been sharing excerpts of her manuscript with various writer's groups over the past two years. Currently, Dias is busy writing her first novel. She lives in New England's 5 college area known as the “Knowledge Corridor" with her husband. Wisdom of the Big Red Suitcase is her first book.

BUDDHAPUSS INK LLC is based in Edison, NJ. Founded in 2009, it is led by publisher MaryChris Bradley, a thirty-year veteran in the book industry. “Our company mission is to put readers first, and we are committed to finding and growing new authors at a time when the major houses seem to have turned their backs on writers without an already well-established track record or movie credits to their name.”
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