Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Last Track - Reviewed by Lit Fest Magazine

by Sam Hilliard

After reading the first paragraph of “The Last Track” by Sam Hillard, I knew it was the book for me.  Hilliard’s style reminds me a bit of James Patterson, both intriguing and creative.  His characters are well defined and powerful, he kept me guessing throughout the entire book. 

Mike Brody is a tracker with very special skills and an extensive background as a former Special Forces operative and smoke jumper.  He is driven to accomplish whatever tasks are at hand, no matter what the danger.  I really enjoyed the fact that he used his head and instincts rather than violence in this book. 

Mike and his family go to a dude ranch in Montana to spend some quality time together.  Immediately, Mike is told he’s needed because a young boy is missing and his Special Forces skills are needed to help find the boy.  As the search begins, many things work against him and he can’t get a clear picture of who is complicating his search, or why.  I really loved Mike’s tenacity and character.  He pushes forward even when all that is important to him is at risk. 

I think you will enjoy getting to know Mike Brody.

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