Monday, January 23, 2012

The Distant Shore "Love is in the Air" Blog Hop & Giveaways

Launches on Wed, Jan. 25th! Follow Mariam Kobras as she is reviewed, interviewed or guest blogs her way to Valentine's Day.

What Can I Win? 

Each winner will receive a copy of the Amazon Bestseller, The Distant Shore by Mariam Kobras PLUS one of these great prizes!

Please visit & patronize these Etsy businesses who are participating in our Blog Hop. Small businesses like these are the heart of the American economy!

One Dozen Southern Red Velvet and Cream Cheese - Cake Truffles from HappyBakery on Etsy, to enjoy while reading this luscious book.

Tea Cup & Saucer Scented Candle from PamZFunkyJam on Etsy, to set the mood as you are transported to glamorous locales.

Moonlight Cobalt blue Beach Glass Necklace from MimosaMornings on Etsy, to slip around your neck and play out scenes from the book in your mind.

Pink Silk Rose Applique from ConeldasCreationson on Etsy, to pin on your most romatic hat before heading out for that secret rendezvous.  

9 BBJ Mae Rose Bath Fizzles from ButterbyJolez on Etsy, to scent that long, hot bath before your evening out with that someone special, or just for a soak while devouring a good book like The Distant Shore!

Multipetaled Flower Brooch from ClytemnestrasCloset on Etsy, this brooch is 2.5" in diameter and made with vintage ribbon that changes from green to pink.  The two leaves are made with vintage ribbon and the stamens in the center are vintage as well.  All hand sewn, there is a felt backing with a bar pin. The perfect accent for that dreamy dress or scarf you'll wear. It's guaranteed to bewitch the subject of your affection just as the characters in The Distant Shore will bewitch you!

4 Rose Jasmine Natural Bath Teas from peachycreamcorner on Etsy. Drop one of these in your bath for a relaxing, romantic soak after a day with your beloved. 

Buttons and Pearls Retractable Tape Measure from fairbanksfancygoods on Etsy. Does your love "measure up"? 

One lucky winner will also win a box of tea directly from Harrod's in London, where Naomi and Jon take tea the day he proposes to her, and a Distant Shore Mug!

Four lucky winners will also receive one small box of Godiva Mini Hearts because love and chocolate just go together!

How Do I Enter?
Visit the each blog on the hop on the day Mariam is featured and leave a comment after that post. One comment per Blog. (possible 13 chances total)

How Can I Earn Additional Chances?

Tweet a link to each blog on the day Mariam is featured. (Must include the twitter tag #TDSBlogHop in order to be counted) (one chance per tweet)

Post a link on your Facebook page to that day's blog stop. Then leave us a comment at the end of THIS post (below) with a link to your Facebook post. (one chance per link)

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That's a LOT of chances to win some very romantic prizes!

Where Will Mariam Be?

Wed Jan 25 Interview

Thur Jan 26 Interview

Fri Jan 27 Guest Post

Mon Jan 30 Guest Post

Tue Jan 31 Guest Post

Wed Feb 1 Guest Post

Thur Feb 2 Review

Fri Feb 3 Interview

Sat Feb 4 Review

Mon Feb 6 Interview

Tue Feb 7 Guest Post

Wed Feb 8 Review

Thur Feb 9 Review

Fri Feb 10 Guest Post

Sun Feb 12 Guest Post

Mon Feb 13 Review & Interview


NOTE: Contest is limited to US/CANADA Addresses only!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Searching for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift? This Author Has the Answer!

January 17, 2012
Buddhapuss Ink LLC, a NJ based book publisher, announces the official release of The Distant Shore, a paperback original by Mariam Kobras.
The author made a splash last summer when she spent six weeks traveling around the US, giving readings and talks at libraries and book clubs, all while staying with friends she made on twitter! Her travels and the book were covered by the press around the country, including a television interview in VA. Buddhapuss Ink Publisher, MaryChris Bradley said, “We are incredibly keen on this series. Our company mission is to ‘Put our readers first’ and this book certainly fills the bill. The Distant Shore has had a fantastic response from our beta-readers who have been clamoring for the release of this book and the sequels.” The story unfolds when Jon—an international rock superstar—receives a letter from a son he never knew existed, and takes the reader along on a roller-coaster ride of fame, wealth, intrigue, and disaster, as he reunites with his long lost love, Naomi. Now, at last, this delicious love story with a light touch of suspense is ready to dazzle readers and just in time for Valentine’s Day!
A Blog Hop with a Valentine’s Day theme will start the last week in January and continue right up to the big day in February. “In addition to giving away books, we will be offering prizes that capture that romantic feeling like truffles, luxury bath and bed products, scented candles, and more,” said Bradley. “The details will be posted on our blog and website soon.”
Kobras, who has a large, close-knit following on twitter and Facebook, will also be doing online chats, and guest blogs promoting The Distant Shore, as well as Skype appearances with book groups and online group chats.

BUDDHAPUSS INK LLC is based in Edison, NJ. Founded in 2009, it is led by Publisher, MaryChris Bradley, a 27 year veteran in the book industry. “Our company mission is to ‘Put our readers first’ and we are committed to finding and growing new authors at a time when the major houses seem to have turned their backs on writers without an already well-established track record. “
Bradley can be contacted at
@Buddhapuss twitter

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Dear Amazon,
I was disappointed and dismayed when you ignored the on sale date of Jan 17, 2012 for The Distant Shore and put it on sale as soon as you received the first shipment from us on Jan 3. But, we hustled around here trying to salvage some of our plans for the official launch date and moved them up, taking it in our stride.
But now, you've gone too far!
You have a shipment of the book sitting in your receiving area still not logged in. You've placed additional orders with us which we have also shipped to you. And now, today, you SOLD OUT of the stock you had logged as received and for some reason you decided to change the status on this book to OUT OF PRINT.
It is not OP, merely Out of Stock because someone hasn't gotten around to receiving the most recent shipment (despite tracking showing it has been on your dock since the 17th!).
You have our Confirmed PO for an additional shipment that goes out today.
Clearly this book is NOT OUT OF PRINT but merely out of stock in your system.
Please get it right Amazon. We have a lot of publicity about to start that features this book. We don't want a lot of confused buyers thinking that the book is no longer available!
Sign me frustrated,

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Book Launch TWEETATHALON for The Distant Shore by @Mariam_Kobras

Follow @Mariam_Kobras on twitter today as she celebrates the 'official' Launch Date of her new book The Distant Shore by tweeting the entire first chapter, one tweet as a time! Starts at 10AM ET!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I get asked this question a lot, "What advice would you give a budding writer?"

My best advice to any writer is to WRITE, a lot, and READ even more. 
Read everything, even if it's not your cup of tea. Everything you read imprints itself on you, helping you find new ways to express your ideas. 
READ more than you WRITE, and write all the time. Long pieces, short pieces, poems, prose, stories that go nowhere, and ones that take you to places you never imagined when you started them. 
Keep a journal, pepper it with your thoughts, storyline ideas, short stories, drawings, pictures that inspire you, depress you, lift your heart and bring it down. 
OBSERVE. Learn to keep your eyes and ears open all the time. Soak in everything you can. You never know when something you see, or hear will trigger a story, or character. Pay attention to what's going on around you, how the soft mist of the fog feels on your face, how the soft light of spring casts a different light on a world slowly coming back to life after the gloom of winter. 

This article may be copied and quoted as long as you include the byline below:
© 2012 by MaryChris Bradley, Publisher Buddhapuss Ink LLC, the proud publishers of The Last Track by Sam Hilliard,  Mystery Times Ten 2011, the bestselling collection of Mystery Short Stories for the YA audience, and The Distant Shore by Mariam Kobras, Book I in the Stone Trilogy

Authors, be sure to check out our YA Mystery Short Story Competition -  Mystery Times Ten 2012. Happy writing!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012
Buddhapuss Ink LLC, a NJ based book publisher, announced today that they have signed Mariam Kobras, of Hamburg , Germany, to a two-book deal. Kobras, the author of The Distant Shore: Book I of the Stone Trilogy, said she was “over-the-moon” with the new deal which covers the next two books in her Stone Trilogy. The Distant Shore, which released on Amazon yesterday, sold out in a matter of a few hours. “I was amazed by how quickly it sold through,” said Buddhapuss Ink Publisher, MaryChris Bradley. “But then, everything about Mariam is amazing.” Bradley first met Kobras on twitter eighteen months ago. “I was intrigued when she posted page 99 of her manuscript.  She managed to convey feelings and emotions in one page that take other authors’ a chapter to cover. Her command of the English language, and its nuances, is extraordinary. I immediately requested the manuscript, only to be told I would have to wait. In the end she kept me hanging for 6 weeks before she finally submitted it, and we signed a contract for the first book shortly after.” 

The Distant Shore, a contemporary romance with a light twist of suspense, is the story of Jonathon Stone, a rock superstar and Naomi Carlsson, the girl he loved and lost. The story centers on their reunion sixteen years later and takes place in locales from a small fishing village in Norway to LA and New York City. But life in the fast lane comes with its own brand of danger and it isn’t long before their life together is threatened by a jealous fan.  “The storyline for The Distant Shore was inspired by my fascination with the limitations fame can impose on people.” stated Kobras. “The book explores the value of love in a world where money and a front-page photo are sometimes more important than a person's soul.” 

Kobras, was born in Frankfurt, Germany. She lived in Brazil and Saudi Arabia with her parents as a child before they decided to settle in Germany. She attended school there and studied American Literature and Psychology at Justus-Liebig-University in Giessen. Today she lives and writes in Hamburg, Germany, with her husband, two sons and two cats.

BUDDHAPUSS INK LLC is based in Edison, NJ. Founded in 2009, it is led by Publisher, MaryChris Bradley, a 27 year veteran in the book industry. “Our company mission is to ‘Put our readers first’ and we are committed to finding and growing new authors at a time when the major houses seem to have turned their backs on writers without an already well-established track record. “ Bradley can be contacted at “Of course, you can always find us on twitter too.”
@Buddhapuss twitter