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Martie was born in Pasadena, California and now lives in Sacramento, California with her husband. Her two sons are grown men with their own families. Her daughter died at the age of eight. She has four grandchildren. She studied English literature, creative writing, and child development at various universities. She has been involved with early childhood education for over 30 years and a writer since her first story in 2nd grade. Her father was an author before she was born. He influenced her direction but died before she could thank him. His stories were published in the Saturday Evening Post. She still has some of those magazines in a box under her bed. Her mother was a kindergarten teacher who showed her the wonder of the simplest things.

She made a pact with herself about writing long ago. She promised that her characters would be people who were human, learning, growing and finding answers to large questions. Having an insight into the deeper part of humanness makes her characters real. Compassion, curiosity and an innate knowledge of human nature have been her tools, abiding and siding with a deep love of observation.
Her writing includes numerous short stories, a memoir in progress and close to 2,000 poems. Sweet William is her first work of longer fiction. She is in the process of writing another. Her poetry has been published in journals, magazines, a book on grief, The History of the Reye’s Syndrome Foundation, and various anthologies. She belongs to several online writing communities and also blogs some of her writing.

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A Vancouver Canuck said...
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A Vancouver Canuck said...

It is so nice to finally be able to hold a book that Martie wrote in one's hands. Her writing skills are beyond excellent. She has a way of taking you on a journey in her mind, and when it is over you are left craving more. I would recommend Martie's word-weaving to everyone!