Saturday, July 17, 2010


I enjoyed this read even though I really didn't know what to expect.  I thumbed through it first and noticed it all takes place in a few days and then was wondering how can you get this much book in a few days and keep my attention?  I was surprised to say the least. I found that this book was very interesting and I really liked Mike Brody as he turned out to be a great character.  I found that I liked the way the book was laid out by the days and minutes it makes it all come together pretty good.  This was a great story and had good characters with nice details, just enough to keep you reading on and not too much to over do it I thought that it was a nice mix.  The story had several twists and turns and a couple times I thought I new who was doing what and I was wrong.  I like that in a book. One other thing I thought was good was the cover design which is done by Elynn Cohen I thought it fit perfect as I was reading along and came to the part where Mike Brody is placing his hand in the footprint with the details and the picture it just fit together nicely.  This book was well written and put together nicely.  If you like a good mystery and one that is believable then you should try this one.  I will be waiting for the next one.The Last Track: A Mike Brody Novel
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