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Are You Insatiable - Here's Something to Fill Your Craving!

Welcome back to another exciting day here at Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers!  Today we are playing host not only to a new author and their latest work (which is exciting enough as it is), but also to a publishing company's first step into the limelight of the industry with this being their first book (a great accomplishment indeed).  Without further adieu, please welcome via Pump Up Your Book Promotions and Buddhapuss Ink LLC...our book of the day, and blog tour feature.....
The Last Track
While vacationing at a dude ranch in Montana, Mike Brody's skills as a tracker are called into action as the search for a missing boy (Danny) heats up; what he's not initially told is the reason he is being sought so urgently. Aside from the fact that he is a minor missing in a densely wooded and mountainous area, excluding the health issues he has and possible injuries he could sustain, it seems that this young man may have happened upon the scene of a grisly wait, strike that...he DID see it, as Mike's abilities afford him to confirm.  It seems that by touching the footprints, dropped items, car tracks and the like, Mike Brody can sense and read their energy left behind.  A handy tool when on this type of search for certain, unless the person's behind the murder don't want the boy found alive, and will do everything in their power to see that this comes to pass.  When a murder is committed, it's bad enough...but what if the order to commit it came from those in high places?  Who can you really trust?  The voice that calls themselves 'the Partner' and threatens you and your family?  The officers with whom you are working the investigation?  Good question....choose wisely.

The first thing I was reminded of when reading this story were a few of my old time favorite crime fiction know the ones.  Wait, you don't?  Hmmm, I could have sworn I told you all about them...cie la vie.  Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson are those writers to which I am referring.  Yep...the story telling style although not as graphic or violent as some of these established authors works, was very reminiscent of their headlining ways.  How so?  (Boy, you are full of questions today aren't you?  Just kidding...) The book opens on a rather daunting scene, immediately grabbing your attention.  Soon there after, a lead character (in this case two) is introduced full of morals, values, and ability...someone you can depend on in a time of crisis.  Add to this, a back story (revealed in time) that explains their tendencies and makes you even more invested in their fate and the cases eventual outcome.  In summary, you are drawn into the story through their heroic efforts and misadventures.  Until you reach the final page, you won't be satiated. 

As if that weren't enough to have you hooked, there's another note-worthy feature I've yet to mention.  This, wait...this author has a surprise addition to the classic story telling formula used in this genre....plot twists.  Now I know what you're thinking...and don't roll your eyes about it are plot twists original?  In this case, it is...let me explain.  It works some what similar to that "scary" movie classic, Scream.  Remember how (okay, if you've seen it, remember, if not, GOOGLE it for a synopsis) in the film, one key rule was observed in every installment?  That rule was....EVERYONE is a suspect.  It kept you guessing right up to the bitter end.  The clues revealed along the way poked you in one direction and prodded you in another.  Try as you might, the identity of the killers remained a mystery until the movie (well the writers and producers) were ready for the big reveal.  THAT, my friends, is the key to this book.  I mean really, character wise you've got the officers working the case, the cook with a vendetta, the overly nice ranch owner hitting on your wife, and the list goes on and on.  Try as you won't figure this one out...or at least not 100%-right-on-the-money...which is a good thing.  It keeps the story fresh and leaves this reader ready for a sequel.  (Ahem...Mr. Hilliard...a sequel at your earliest convenience would be great...thanks!)
Recommended reading for fiction fans that love to watch as the story unfolds before them as opposed to having it neatly served on a platter from page one.  This book is available now for your reading pleasure, so be sure to check it out over at Amazon.  Special thanks to Jaime at Pump Up Your Book Promotions and to Mary at Buddhapress Ink for the SIGNED review copy.  (THANKS!)  For more information on their current happenings, check out their websites or follow along on Twitter (1 or 2)! 

Until next time....happy reading!
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