Monday, February 10, 2014

Reviews Sell Books

Six out of 10 consumers refer to online reviews before they decide what to buy.

They trust those reviews almost 12 times more than descriptions written by publishers.

But not all reviews have to be positive. Marketing studies show that when consumers find negative reviews sprinkled among the reviews that are gushing about a product, they're more confident that the good reviews are trustworthy.

If you're publishing a book, ask for reviews from these three groups:

--Consumers. Just ask.

--Bloggers. Many bloggers--even those in narrow niches--have raving, loyal fans. An enthusiastic recommendation from the blogger to "buy this book" can be far more powerful than the slickest sales page.

--Journalists. Capturing a product review from a columnist for Forbes, Fortune or Real Simple magazine can send your sales through the roof.

*Courtesy of Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound. For more tips and information check out her website at:

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