Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Buddhapuss Ink Launching a New Program!

We will be launching a new program called Emerging Voices, aimed at bringing new authors and readers together in a mutually beneficial ways.

The most difficult thing for writers today is finding a publisher willing to take a chance on authors with little or no preexisting audience. All but shut out of traditional publishing with the "big house" emphasis on known and celebrity authors, these writers need a forum that will give them the benefits of having a publisher behind them, complete with editing, layout, design and marketing help.

At Buddhapuss Ink we believe in finding these writers and giving them the help and exposure they deserve. At the same time we have to be aware and in line with the changing format climate and costs that are rocking the publishing world today.

In the Emerging Voices program, we will be publishing new fiction in more/different genres and lengths, and will use a different model. Rather than publishing everything in print and digital simultaneously, Emerging Voices will be bringing new works out in ebook format first, in some cases followed by a print version at a later date. This allows us to publish works including novels, short stories, poetry, and novellas, in a format, and at prices that are more flexible and attractive to the reader. It also allows us to publish more new authors!

Our goal is to have a program that will be a breeding ground for burgeoning writers and at the same time provide readers a place to find emerging voices to feed their reading habits. In the coming weeks we will be announcing the first authors in the program, and posting links and submission guidelines on our website.  

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