Thursday, January 19, 2012


Dear Amazon,
I was disappointed and dismayed when you ignored the on sale date of Jan 17, 2012 for The Distant Shore and put it on sale as soon as you received the first shipment from us on Jan 3. But, we hustled around here trying to salvage some of our plans for the official launch date and moved them up, taking it in our stride.
But now, you've gone too far!
You have a shipment of the book sitting in your receiving area still not logged in. You've placed additional orders with us which we have also shipped to you. And now, today, you SOLD OUT of the stock you had logged as received and for some reason you decided to change the status on this book to OUT OF PRINT.
It is not OP, merely Out of Stock because someone hasn't gotten around to receiving the most recent shipment (despite tracking showing it has been on your dock since the 17th!).
You have our Confirmed PO for an additional shipment that goes out today.
Clearly this book is NOT OUT OF PRINT but merely out of stock in your system.
Please get it right Amazon. We have a lot of publicity about to start that features this book. We don't want a lot of confused buyers thinking that the book is no longer available!
Sign me frustrated,

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