Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Publishing is Dead, Long Live Publishing

I’ve discovered that “Something is Dead” headlines attract a lot of attention so I couldn’t resist using one myself today. With Seth Godin announcing that he’s going to ditch his traditional publisher (Portfolio, an imprint of Penguin), does it mean that book publishing as we know it is dead?
I find this topic especially interesting as it’s something that I discussed at length when I spoke at the Digital Book World Conference [click for video] back in January.
Here’s my take. Seth Godin is among the most popular best-selling marketing authors and his latest book Linchpin sold over 50,000 copies. The publisher probably played a big role in the editing and the distribution of that book. However, for future books, Godin is planning to release them over the Internet in electronic book formats as well as in the form of apps, small digital files and even PDFs.

*excerpt from a story by By Shiv Singh, Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages
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