Thursday, January 28, 2010

From the Publisher's Desk - Waiting for the Proofs

Waiting for the proofs to arrive from the printer always takes longer than desired. When it is for the first book, on the first list for a brand spanking new publishing house, it seems interminable!
The designer, the author, the editor are about to drive me mad. I'm starting to think I'm stuck in the car again on one of those seemingly endless trips from my childhood when the pleas to stop for: food, a potty break, something to drink, food, a potty break, were only broken by the endless chant of "Are we there yet?" The only difference--this time it's "Is it here yet?"
"No children, it isn't here yet." I patiently sigh. The whole time that inner voice is screaming Where the #$%^ is that blasted delivery man?
Good things come to those that wait they say. Let's hope those good things get here soon!

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