Thursday, June 3, 2010

From the Marketing Desk - Latest Review for The Last Track

Somewhere in the woods near Pine Woods Ranch in Montana a fourteen-year-old boy is not only missing, but is also an eyewitness to a murder. The first of the Mike Brody series, The Last Track by Sam Hilliard is an emotionally charged mystery thriller. After an emotionally exhausting 14 hour drive to Montana with his ex-wife and 8-year-old son, Mike Brody is ready to begin the week-long vacation at the dude ranch. What he does not expect is a sea of police cruisers and to be approached by a detective Lisbeth McCarthy who recognizes Mike Brody and asks for his expertise in being able to sense things others cannot. This is not the first time Mike Brody has been called in to help find a missing person, yet his partner in the search, Officer Dagget, takes an instant dislike to Brody and at best believes him to be a fraud. Hilliard's debut novel is well crafted in a believable scenario with thrilling plot twists, turns, and deceptions. His characters are so well written the reader will definitely need to stay on their toes while reading this novel as Hilliard does an excellent job keeping the reader guessing just who is who. The Last Track takes place over a four-day period with each chapter sectioned off by time and told by several different characters, each with their own agendas, some good, some nefarious, yet all intriguing. The Last Track flows well and offers up just enough plot twists to delight any mystery thriller fan. I recommend The Last Track to anyone looking for a good mystery thriller and personally look forward to future Mike Brody mysteries.

I truly enjoyed the book and strongly recommend it.
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