Saturday, February 6, 2010

From the Publisher's Desk - a snowed in Saturday

It has been a long, cold and very snowy Saturday here. Amazing how some snow can slow everything down. A good heavy snow will do that. It was so quiet this morning - no one walking, no cars, no dogs barking - just the silence of the snow punctuated by the occasional gust of wind. For a few hours it was like living inside a snow globe.
Now we've all dug out, the streets are plowed, sidewalks shoveled and all those cooped up puppies have had their walkies. It is time to turn my attention back to the running of this publishing house and the launch of our first book (The Last Track by Sam Hilliard) which is only a few days away.
Time to get back to the mechanics of publicity and marketing. But forgive me while I savor the memory of those quiet moments, inside that snow globe for just a little longer.

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