Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Beginnings - from the Publisher's Desk

Everything old is new again they say, and I suppose that is true. But then, I also believe that everything changes, nothing stays the same!
As my partners and I move forward with our fledgling publishing house, we feel like pioneers in the old west. Setting out in our shiny new website instead of a covered wagon, our sparkling new blog leads the way in place of those mules, we head out into the great unknown. We tread down paths that are familiar, yet unfamiliar.
As Publisher of Buddhapuss Ink LLC, I am doing many of the same things I've done before at other houses I either led, or worked for. Overseeing the construction of the list, working with editors and designers, making sure all the T's are crossed and the I's are dotted. Yet even as I move forward with these tasks, I can feel the winds of change blowing, and have to steady my footing on the ever-shifting sands of the "new" world of publishing in 2010.
Social Media, Blogs, Websites, Twitter accounts, Facebook and more! WOM and long-tail marketing all dance around me chanting, "Me first, no me, no ME, PICK ME!" Each is vying for my attention and time.
ebooks and Kindles and PDFs galore fly across my digital desk (I'm sure I heard them giggling as they passed through my virtual office!)
We have many goals to hit, traditions to tear down, new ground to break. One thing you can be sure of though - our readers will always come FIRST. We want to bring high-quality writing, intriguing new authors (and some established - but no less exciting - ones too), solid design and innovative new formats to you. I hope that you will join us on this exciting new adventure. Oh, and along the way, please let us know how you think we are doing, what you would like to see us do, or feel free to just stop by and sit a while!

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Unknown said...

I'm new to your blog, and may I say, what a wonderfully written post!

All the best with your publishing endeavors. It's tough out there for the likes of your good-self - and for writers such as I.