Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Waiting for a Song Book Launch and Virtual Tour

 Join us as we celebrate the June 4th launch of three-time IPPY Award Winning author Mariam Kobras's Waiting for a Song, Naomi's Story.

















Where do dreams go when they’re whispered to the wind? 
Where does music play when it’s searching for a rhyme? 
The universe listens, and sometimes sends a star…
Naomi’s life has been carefully planned since the day she was born, but Daddy’s little princess has
dreams of her own, and they don’t include marrying the man he chose for her, or running the family
business. Just when it seems her dreams are slipping away, she hears Jon’s voice. 
Listening to him sing and falling in love are one and the same—and it opens the door to a new life for her, far away from her father’s scheming. 
Will Naomi finally find her freedom on the beaches of LA?

Three-time Independent Publisher's Book Award Winner, Mariam Kobras, is ready to delight fans of the Stone Trilogy once again. In her upcoming novel Waiting for a Song, readers will get to go back to the beginning of Naomi and Jon's epic romance.

Get to know Naomi as she learns to come into her own as woman. From her earliest days, Naomi’s life has been a carefully planned ascent into adulthood, complete with a husband and career she didn’t choose.
Can she break free of her father's scheming ways and forge a brighter future for herself? Is the voice she hears on the radio enough to call her toward her dreams and lead her to the life and love she was always meant to find?

From the author:

"Writing Waiting for a Storm was like taking a vacation for me, like a fresh breath of fragrant, summer air after the sad darkness of dealing with 9/11 in Song of the Storm. I wanted to go back and explore the days when Jon and Naomi meet for the first time, meet the people who were there then, see the whole storybecause there was so much more going on than they tell us in the Stone Trilogy.
I wanted to meet Naomis girlfriends, Jons troupe, the people who went on that first tour through Europe with him, and I wanted to meet Naomis parents before she ran away.

This is the story, then: Waiting for a Song tells the story of Naomi as a young girl dreaming of love and romance, of being released from a repressive home, and taken away across continents and oceans to a new life, and freedom.

She finds all that when she hears Jons voice on the radio, and realizes that she is the one who will give him the words he needs for his songs."

Follow Mariam as she travels the world on her Virtual Tour.
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Here's Mariam's Virtual Tour Schedule:

Faye RapoportDesPres 06/04/2014

Johanna Harness 06/06/2014
Lauri Rottmayer 06/09/2014
Donna Cummings 06/10/2014
Lisa Stull 06/13/2014
Susan Spann 06/17/2014
Cindy Zelman 06/18/2014
Nita Beshear 06/19/2014 

 ONE LUCKY WINNER will receive a red leather journal with cream pages and a ribbon marker—like the one Naomi used when she wrote the lyrics that won Jon's heart. 


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