Sunday, June 1, 2014

Helpful, Inspiring, And Sometimes Random Posts From May

Inspiration and Encouragement

Inspiration is all around, improve your writing by studying alternate forms of media.

"You've got to learn to do it afraid."

Why do you do it? Why are you a writer?

Are you writing with an audience in mind?

Let's all just be friends!

You are a writer. Own it.

In the words of Raymond Chandler . . .

"It's impossible," said pride. "It's risky," said experience. "It's pointless," said reason. "Give it a try," whispered the heart.

The Three Simple Steps to a Career in Writing | Goins, Writer

"But recognizing pitfalls is only half the battle when seeking a fruitful career and a meaningful life. We know what to avoid—but what should we be reaching for?"

Thou shalt . . . what?

Marketing and Publicity

Have you started a new blog? Is your old one still around? Don't get rid of it!

Some things to consider . . .

Read this and then follow the link to the first post on Passive Book Marketing--plenty of tips to be found!

Do you have an author platform?

The Secret to Marketing Success (Is There is No Secret) - LJ Cohen | Romance University
Views on marketing as an author.

Pinterest is our friend! Now, say it with us: Pinterest is our friend. It's an older blog, but very useful!

How do you snag a top notch blurb or two or three or four . . . OK, you get the idea.

Do you know when to post in order to hit your target audience?

‪#‎Hashtags--use them to your advantage!

Who's heard of SlideShare?

Once you've finished reading this helpful post about fair image usage, follow this link ( to learn about image editing.

If you post it, they will come . . . well, not exactly. Help your blog along by being proactive!

Things to consider when building your brand as an author. 

Rack up some Facebook 'likes'.

The Craft of Writing

The flashback--friend or foe?

Who's telling your story?

Do you struggle with show vs. tell? This blog might help!

Let it sit.

The dangers of 'skimming' as it pertains to writers.

It's the moment that everyone is holding their breath for . . . maybe even chewing on a fingernail or two.

Have you given your VICs the proper care and attention they deserve?

Anyone writing a thriller?

Recipe for a great story.

Set the pace!

Sometimes, a character just has to die . . . so make it a good death.

Using historical dialogue when appropriate promotes reader immersion. Dost thou not believe this to be true?

Experiment with your dialogue.

Are you a fiction writer who is thinking of exploring a nonfiction story idea--this blog is for you!

What's your theme?

Give your readers an immersive experience.

Are you writing a series? This is a blog post for you!

Don't just write a book. Write a great book!

Break out your writer's toolbox and let's get to work!

How do you obtain that most coveted of titles?

"Your lead or hook is the door that presents the handle. Will the visitor be interested enough to turn the knob and enter, or move to the next door? "

Sorting out a diamond in the rough is not always an easy task.

Somestimes you need a new perspective.

The answer may not be what you think it is.


Sunday Funday!

You've finished your masterpiece . . . but, do you have an agent?

Get your blog on!

Just. One. More. Chapter

Spread the love . . .

Do you understand the editorial process?

Sunday Funday: Who wouldn't want a book themed lamp!

Work from home? Skip the pjs!

Fun Friday: Why not show your love for a local bookstore this weekend!

A lover of YA/NA fiction sounds off . . . some things to consider.

A bit of fun for your Tuesday evening. Care to find out which famous writer you write like?

From the reviewer's desk . . . things to ponder as you're writing your best seller.

A little science and thought for your Saturday.

Should your book come with a warning label? 

A little fun!

Anyone in the market for some new real estate?

What's your effective reading habit?

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